Avere Wealth Management

strategy, branding, Digital Collateral & Print

Avere Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm providing tangible, tailored financial advice for C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs with high wealth goals.

Avere Wealth Management educates, advises, and helps implement strategies to give their clients great financial independence, confidence and security. They are a partner and trusted advisor that acts in the best interest of their clients to help them get what they deserve. Avere Wealth Management wants to help people achieve confidence, security and freedom around their finances. 

About the project

As providers of a high-end, full-service experience, and a one-stop shop for all things financial planning, Avere Wealth Management needed to have a thoughtful, well-developed brand identity – something their competitors lacked. This was a huge opportunity to set them apart, and I did just that.

I crafted a thoughtful and dynamic brand identity to grow with Avere Wealth Management as their firm grows. I took the brand into the digital space and developed Instagram templates (a core part of their marketing), and a digital investment guide.

Sincce Avere Wealth Management works with clients who have a minimum of 250K in investible assets, so it was important the physical touch points reflected that high end nature. The paper used for the envelopes, business cards and note cards was carefully selected to reflect luxury. The printing methods, letterpress and foil, further reinforce the experience and high touch service they offer. 

As a result of working together, Avere Wealth Management was able to start their firm with a strong brand identity foundation, which is core to establishing trust and breaking into a competitive market. Every part of their own client experience is high end and branded.

I crafted a brand icon for Avere Wealth Management that's a modern take on a crest, appealing to their high end audience. The icon is incorporated into several of the brand marks, but works as a standalone mark as well.


The three circles surrounding the mark represent the three core tenants of Avere Wealth Management — educate, advise, and implement. They also draw the eye around the mark and form a crest shape within the overall circle. 


The double circles enclosing the mark represent the firm and the client. 


The double circles are connected by three lines and the three circles. This represents the relationship between the wealth manager and clients developed through those three tenants. 


Squares read as strong and stable marks, so this is the perfect element to balance the mark and bring it all together.