Orenson Salt Co

*Speculative Project

Branding & Packaging

The brand and packaging for Orenson Salt Co is a speculative project created independently. 

The speculative salt company, Orenson Salt Co, is owned by three sisters and has been in the family for generations. The salt is harvested in deep coastal waters and hand packaged on the shores of Salamis Island in Greece. Every dash of Orenson Sea Salt promises to enhance fresh meat, garden greens, and more. 

About the project

Orenson Salt Co.’s branding and packaging is a speculative project done independently. The brand is strategically bold and minimal with an emphasis on vivid packaging. 

The striking blue and white color palette, which stands out on a shelf space, was heavily inspired by its Grecian roots. By using a unique serif font and organic lines, I showcased the refined yet playful nature of the brand itself. This brand is classy, lively, and represents the high quality each of the Orenson Salt Co.’s products offer. 

Each box includes a thoughtful booklet sharing more information about the Grecian roots of Orenson Salt Co. Throughout the brand and packaging are distinctive customization elements that serve to reinforce the Orenson Salt Co. identity and grow brand awareness.