Rekindle Candle Co

Branding, Packaging & PRint

Rekindle Candle Co is a candle company based in Monroe, Georgia. Since they began in 2017, their goal was to use quality components that were good not only for smelling but also for the planet and the people living on it. Rekindle prides themselves on keeping things natural and using high quality ingredients like 100% soy wax domestically, sustainably and ethically grown, harvested and manufactured in the United States. They also use recycled good and domestically and sustainably sourced wood wicks. Their fragrance oils are free of parabens, phthalates, and other hazardous and toxic chemicals.

About the project

When Rekindle Candle Co approached me in Spring of 2019, they had big plans to expand the business and needed a solid brand identity to get them there. At the time, they were making all candles in their kitchen and selling solely at the farmers market. 

I worked with Rekindle to develop their brand, create their packaging, refine their customer experience, and create touch points for every step along the way. From the shipping tape to the warning label - every element is thoughtfully considered to reflect their brand and their mission - sustainability. 

Now, Rekindle has expanded their brick and mortar space to four times the size it was in 2019, grown their offerings, and build a team of 7 people. 

By gaining clarity on who their target audience is (and is not), the team has been able to standardize their products so that the production process is smoother and more streamlined. This has resulted in lower production costs!

Since working together, Rekindle Candle Co has been able to quadruple their revenue every year.