Royal India

Branding, Print, Packaging & creative direction

Royal India is a family owned and operated restaurant offering elevated South Asian flavors to the Seattle area. Preserving and promoting the richness of Indian culinary traditions is their passion. The family shares this passion with their community through their haute cuisine and high end dining experience 

Their mission is to create memorable dining experiences with innovative cuisine, exceptional service, and delicious food. Royal India unites the rich flavors and experiences from South Asia with the style and energy that is the Pacific Northwest. 

About the project

Royal India reached out to me to work together when they were expanding their product line to be in local stores in the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, they wanted to freshen up the branding for the restaurant, Royal India. 

I worked with the team of sisters to develop their brand identity, identify touch points that needed to be filled with print, packaging for their food line, and art direction for the products. It was important to have a cohesive brand look across all platforms as they expanded the business. 

Since the family is currently working to expand their delicious Indian cuisine product line into local department stores, packaging was an important element of the deliverables. Reflecting the beautiful heritage of the family and the high quality of the product, as well as designing packaging that would stand out on a shelf were my top priorities.